Service Type Description Average Price Range (ZAR)
Mini Load (1 – 2 Cubic Meters) Suitable for small cleanup projects or minor renovations. R500 – R1000 per load
Small Load (3 – 4 Cubic Meters) Ideal for moderate amounts of rubble from home improvements. R1200 – R2000 per load
Medium Load (5 – 6 Cubic Meters) For larger renovation projects with a significant amount of rubble. R2,500 – R3500 per load
Large Load (7 – 8 Cubic Meters) Suitable for major construction or demolition projects. R4000 – R5000 per load
Extra-Large Load (9+ Cubic Meters) For extensive rubble removal needs, such as complete demolitions. R5500+ per load
Garden Rubble Removal Removal of garden waste, soil, and small stones. R400 – R800 per load
Building Rubble Removal Disposal of bricks, concrete, and construction materials. R800 – R2000 per load
Mixed Rubble Removal Combination of garden and building rubble. R1000 – R2500 per load
Skip Hire (Per Week) Rental of a skip for on-site rubble collection and disposal. R750 – R1500 per week
Additional Services Extra services such as labour for loading or site cleanup. R200 – R500 per hour

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